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K - 2nd Grade Rules




  1. Games will be played on an 8 ft. basket. 

  2. No matter what the clock says on the bench all games must end by the top of the hour

  3. All teams must have at least four players to begin the game. 

  4. Games will be played 4 on 4 or whatever the coaches decide.

  5. Time will be kept on the sideline. It is a running time clock. There will be four (4), eight (8) minute quarters with 1 minute between quarters and a 2 minute half- time. 

  6. To allow the game to be played, double-dribbling and traveling are left to the discretion of the official (the coaches). If the official (the coaches) does call a violation the official (the coaches) will explain the violation. Violation does not result in a turnover; team keeps possession. 

  7. No double teaming. Man-to-man defense only. 

  8. No pressing, defense must set up at half court before offense advances. 

  9. The defense cannot steal the ball from the ball handler; steals only on the pass. 

  10. No shot blocking; hands can be straight up and result in a block.

  11. For K - 2nd Grade we allow the first 20 minutes of the hour block to have a short practice with your team before each game.  

  12. For each game we need a score keeper and a time keeper.  We will do our best to provide those but in case we are unable to please ask a parent.

  13. Home Team will wear white and the Away Team will wear Dark.  

    If it says on the schedule:    Team 1 @ Team 2 then Team 2 is the home team and they will wear white.    Team 1 is the visiting team and they will wear dark.

  14. Basketball sizes:  Size 7 (29.5”) will only be used for the 7th & 8th Grade Boys while Size 6 (28.5”) is used for all other grades.

All players must receive equal playing time.

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