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K - 2nd Grade Rules




  1. Games will be played on an 8 ft. basket. 

  2. All teams must have at least four players to begin the game. 

  3. Games will be played 4 on 4. 

  4. Time will be kept on the sideline. It is a running time clock. There will be four (4), eight (8) minute quarters with 1 minute between quarters and a 2 minute half- time. 

  5. To allow the game to be played, double-dribbling and traveling are left to the discretion of the official (the coaches). If the official (the coaches) does call a violation the official (the coaches) will explain the violation. Violation does not result in a turnover; team keeps possession. 

  6. No double teaming. Man-to-man defense only. 

  7. No pressing, defense must set up at half court before offense advances. 

  8. The defense cannot steal the ball from the ball handler; steals only on the pass. 

  9. No shot blocking; hands can be straight up and result in a block.

  10. For K - 2nd Grade we allow the first 20 minutes of the hour block to have a short practice with your team before each game.  

  11. For each game we need a score keeper and a time keeper.  We will do our best to provide those but in case we are unable to please ask a parent.

  12. Home Team will wear white and the Away Team will wear Dark.  

    If it says on the schedule:    Team 1 @ Team 2 then Team 2 is the home team and they will wear white.    Team 1 is the visiting team and they will wear dark.

  13. Basketball sizes:  Size 7 (29.5”) will only be used for the 7th & 8th Grade Boys while Size 6 (28.5”) is used for all other grades.

All players must receive equal playing time.

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