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3rd - 8th Grade Rules




This document has been released by the Stansbury Stallions Basketball Program to serve as guidelines to the Junior Stallions Basketball League.  

  • Divisions have established their own rules based on skill ability/age. 

Goals & Objectives 

Our goals are:

  • To provide an opportunity for players of different skill abilities to participate equally in the game of basketball

  • To provide a fun experience for every player regardless of skill level. 

  • To promote the concept of team unity, companionship, instruction and learning experiences to the best of the coaches’ ability. 

League Expectations

We expect all coaches, players, referees, parents and fans to maintain the highest sportsmanlike behaviors.  As volunteers of this program, we expect all involved to maintain the highest standard of positive leadership and modeling on and off the court.  Failure to meet these standards will result in dismissal from the league and facilities. Thank you for your help and support as we strive to run a program with the highest level of sportsmanship.

Basic Rules 3rd-8th grade Divisions  (Rules are subject to change)

  1. Each game will consist of four (4), eight (8) minute periods. Overtime periods will be a sudden death situation (first team to score). 

  2. Time will be kept by a timekeeper on the sidelines (not by a referee or coach). 

  3. Time will be considered “running time”. 

  4. Time will be stopped only: 

    • on time outs 

    • all whistles in the last two (2) minutes of each half (the second and fourth periods). 

    • in case of injury 

  5. There will be one (1) minute between periods with a two (2) minute half time. 

  6. 5th - 8th Grade BOYS & 7th - 8th Grade GIRLS – Full court press is allowed the last 2 minutes of each half unless the team has a 15-point lead or are dominating.

  7. 3rd - 4th Grade BOYS & 3rd - 6th Grade GIRLS – No full court press. If a team is dominating the game when the other team offensive player is in possession of the ball, dribbling or holding the ball, the defender is not allowed to steal the ball.  Defense is allowed to steal the pass at any time. Dominating means wining by 15 points or more

  8. The offensive team will be allowed 10 seconds to get the ball across half court. 

  9. A player is not allowed to stand in the paint for more than 3 seconds without the ball hitting the rim. 

  10. Back court violation will be called. 

  11. After the 5th team shooting foul in each half (Which means the team shooting foul count will carry over to the next quarter but at half-time it will reset to 0) - On the 5th shooting team foul If a player is fouled while in the process of shooting the shooter will automatically be given the points as if they made the shot, no foul shots will be taken.  If the shooting team fouls is less than 5 team shooting foul then possession will be given to the team out of bounds.  This rule is to maximize playing time with a running clock and will be enforced until the last two (2) minutes of the game, at which point foul shots will be taken.  We are hoping allowing 5 team SHOOTING foul we can teach the kids to play good defensive on a player shooting.  If it is an offensive team foul it will be taken out on the side and no free throws will be taken even though the team has over 5 team fouls.

  12. Each team will be allowed two (2) time-outs per half, one-minute each.

  13. For each game we need a score keeper and a timekeeper.  We will do our best to provide those but in case we are unable to please ask a parent.

  14. If the game is tied after 4 quarters, then there will be a 2-minute overtime if there is enough time before the top of the hour.  First basket made in overtime ends the game.

  15. Home Team will wear white and the Away Team will wear Dark.  If it says on the schedule:    Team 1 @ Team 2 then Team 2 is the home team and they will wear white.    Team 1 is the visiting team and they will wear dark.

  16. Basketball sizes:  Size 7 (29.5”) will only be used for the 7th & 8th Grade Boys while Size 6 (28.5”) is used for all other grades.

All players must receive equal playing time.


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